IACEP Executive Committee

EXCOM per July, 2015


marco hessels

Marco Hessels

Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology, Editor-in-Chief
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, 
University of Geneva, Switzerland                            


Jens F. Beckmann

Research director at the School of Education and
Fellow of the Wolfson Research Institute at Durham University                           

adina shamir

Adina Shamir

Head of the Special Education Program
Vice Head, School of Education
Bar Ilan University, Israel


Dimitrios Zbainos

 A lecturer at the Harokopion University of Athens


Sigal Eden
Membership Secretary

A senior lecturer and a researcher, School of Education, Bar Ilan University, Israel





Carl Haywood
Permanent Member

Professor of Psychology and Neurology, emeritus
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN  USA


IACEP Regional Vice Presidents



Iveta Kovalcikova
VP Europe

Department of Preschool and Elementary Education and Psychology,
Faculty of Education, 
University of Presov, Slovak Republik  


Kathleen Jeffrey
VP North America 

Educational Psychology; a Bright Start Trainer of Trainers


David Preiss
VP South America

Director of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile´s School of Psychology


Mary Grosser
VP Africa

Teaching and Learning 
School of Education Sciences
North-West University
Vaal Triangle Campus, South Africa


Alex Kozulin
VP Middle East

Head of M.Ed. program in Special Education at Achva Academic College and the Director of International Research and Training at the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem.



Chua Bee Leng
VP Asia-Pasific

Assistant Dean (Professional Practice and Inquiry) in the Office of Teacher Education and a lecturer in the Psychological Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

IACEP Executive Committee External Members

Joe Elliott 
Professor at School of Education 
Durhan University, UK

Jerry Carlson 
Professor of Psychology
University of California, Riverside, USA

Karl Wiedl 
Professor of Psychology 
University of Osnabrück, Germany