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Pre conference workshops


Dynamic assesment David Tzuriel Ph.D

Workshop Leader:
David Tzuriel, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Friday, January 26 and Sunday, January 28, 2018.  Hours:  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, with lunch break and coffee/tea breaks
Workshop fee is $150 US. Test Instruments can be purchased separately.
Minimum Enrollment:
10 participants
25 participant

A growing need has emerged in the last two decades for applying dynamic assessment (DA) of learning potential for children, especially since early educational decision may affect them in the future. The focus is on one hand DA of learning potential and on cognitive intervention processes following the assessment. This is an introductory workshop with the following objectives: (A) to present the theoretical foundations of the DA approach especially the theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) and Mediated Learning Experience MLE ), (B) to describe the main goals of DA for young children (C) to describe the shifts from standardized testing to DA (D) to present specific mediation strategies in DA and in intervention, (E) to present deficient cognitive functions that act as barriers to thinking and learning, (F) to bridge the DA findings to educational intervention, (G) to present five instruments developed by Tzuriel for young children and children in school.

The Dynamic Assessment Instruments

  1. The Children's Analogical Thinking Modifiability Test (CATM)
  2. The Children's Inferential Thinking Modifiability Test (CITM)
  3. The Cognitive Modifiability Battery (CMB): Assessment and Intervention
  4. The Seriational Thinking Modifiability Test –Revised (CSTM-R)
  5. The Seria-Think Instrument-Revised, including the Transfer and Mental Rotation phases
Nature of Workshop
The introductory workshop will be experientially oriented with emphasis on demonstrations (if possible), simulation with participants. It covers testing procedures, scoring methods, interpretation of results and applications for cognitive intervention.
The workshop is designed for psychologists, educators, preschool professionals, special education, speech pathologists, and resource teachers. The workshop can be conducted based on 25 to 30 participants.

 Dynamic assesment David Tzuriel Ph.D2


Day 1: Friday, January 26, 2018

8:30-10:45      Dynamic Assessment as an Alternative to Traditional Testing

10:45-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-12:30    Demonstration of DA with Children and Discussion          

12:30-13:30    Lunch Break

13:30-14:30    Test 1. The Children’s Analogical Thinking Modifiability (CATM) Test

14:30-15:30    Test 2. The Children’s Inferential Thinking Modifiability (CITM) Test

15:30-15:45    Break

15:45-17:00    Test 3. The Cognitive Modifiability Battery (CMB): Assessment and Intervention

Day 2: Sunday January 28, 2018

8:30-10:45      Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) Strategies and Deficient Cognitive Functions

10:45-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-12:30    Test 3. The Cognitive Modifiability Battery (CMB): Assessment and Intervention (Continuation)

12:30-13:30    Lunch Break

13:30-14:30    Test 5. The Seria-Think Instrument-Revised

14:30-15:30    The Children’s Seriational Thinking Modifiability Test-Revised

15:30-16:30    Integration and Conclusion

The workshops will take place at this hotel:

Hotel Ejecutivo Express
Avenida México 2920, 
Colonia Terranova, C.P. 44689 
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
+52 (33) 3648-1515

It is important to note that booking of a room with special fare is possible ONLY by phone or the form you can download here ( download>>filling up details>>scanning>>sending). Those who will book by internet will be charged the regular fee. See also other conditions for cancellation policy etc. For more information about booking click here.